The new products have arrived in UK; MMA onesies and white Baby gi playsuits. Last chance for the presale price!

Baby grappling onesies, "Crib fighter in training" + more prints. The print is free from harmful chemicals.

Crib fighter in training

The new products have finally arrived in our warehouse and presale orders will be shipped in the next day or two.

It will take approximately 1 week longer to get them to the Amazon warehouses, so you can expect to see them in stock next week. Stay tuned for updates 🙂

You can still buy the onesies at presale price, or until they are ready to be shipped!

The onesies are adjustable in size, so they grow with the baby. The print is free from harmful chemicals and the 100% cotton is extra soft. The onesies are available in preemie size too. Preemie and newborn sizes have fold-over mittens, to make sure your little one doesn’t scratch his/her face.

Our little sumo-wrestler :) Baby grappling MMA onesies available at

Our little sumo-wrestler 🙂

Check out the selection here.


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