Our playsuits are soft and guaranteed to bring smiles

Baby grappling is a niche clothing brand for babies and toddlers who are somehow connected to the world of martial arts.

The Baby gi is the ultimate playsuit. The fabric is soft organic cotton and inside labels are made of soft satin. There are no labels inside neck, instead they are placed where they won’t tickle. Even kids with highly sensitive skin love the Baby gi! It has become increasingly popular and the Baby gi is often the first item dads buy for their newborn baby. Whoever said men don‘t shop for baby clothes would normally be right, but that does not apply when it comes to the Baby gi!

The Baby grappling brand complies with both European and US safety standards for baby & children’s clothing. The products are designed in Iceland, where we are fortunate enough to have fresh air and fresh water, both of which we don’t take for granted. We are aware of our responsibility as a manufacturer and making earth-friendly products is our permanent goal.

The Baby gi playsuits are made of 100% organic cotton, as we believe it’s the best choice for all babies & children, and of course the best choice for our planet. Packaging is bio-degradable. 
Made in Portugal, Europe.



This all started with the global financial crisis

The Story

The idea of Baby grappling came in 2008 when the designer, Berglind, was looking for a baby martial arts uniform ("gi") as a gift for her unborn nephew. His dad teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so she wanted something unique which related to that. Needless to say, the search was unsuccessful so she decided to design one, and just one and sew it herself.

But then she thought to herself, why not make a business out of this idea, as a second job to make ends meet?

Berglind found a producer and a few months later a Baby gi prototype was ready for production. A year later the first edition of the Baby gi was ready for launch. 
The first year she had her own online store where the products were sold from, but then decided to move all sales to Amazon, so she could focus on the marketing and creating new products.

Berglind wanted to create a product that was even more comfortable for her tiny customers, and therefore changed the design to make it more suitable for everyday use.

When testing a jacket sample with the new design, she got the sweetest compliment ever, from her nephew who was by then 2 years old. "It’s very soft" he whispered, and was reluctant to take it off.

(Picture above; The designer holding her cousin, who also happens to be one of the first Baby grappling models.)