The Baby gi design

Baby grappling is not an actual sport. Or is it?

Babies and toddlers exercise more than we think. Just put yourself in the soft shoes of a 1 year old. Move around all day playing, crawling, climbing and do whatever you think a one year old does. (No biting though.) Trust me, you're probably gonna need a 2 hour nap in the afternoon!
So while doing this it's better for baby grapplers to wear really comfortable clothing, that is Baby gi. Clothes that don't reduce the elasticity of a little child. Clothes that are soft, easy to wash (for mom & dad) and are durable enough to pass on to the next sibling.


The Baby gi - a patent pending design 

The baby martial arts uniform is designed with baby’s comfort in mind and is made of soft 100% cotton.

The jackets have a closed front and the jacket is pulled over the head. The belts also have a unique design. The knot is pre-made and sewn onto the belt. The belts are easily adjustable with velcro fastening that is on the side of the waist, making them out of reach of little fingers. The leggings have elastic waist.

The design is patent pending, which in itself is unique for any type of clothing.

Each outfit includes a jacket, leggings and a belt in matching color. The Baby gi is available in white, blue, pink and red, and additional belts come in a variety of colors.

Cotton is the best choice for those with asthma, sensitive skin or allergies, and helps keep the body cool and dry during hot weather.


Safety was a big issue in the designing process, because long belts are not the ideal accessory for a baby or toddler. That is why the knot is pre-made and sewn onto the belt.